Nationally Recognized Treatment Networks

Providing clinically excellent, evidence-based continuums of care for complex psychiatric, eating disorders, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring conditions.

Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare’s diverse network of programs treats adults and adolescents with eating disorders, psychiatric disorders, dual diagnoses, and addictive disorders under three distinct networks: Psychiatric, Eating Disorder, and Outpatient. Providing a continuum of care that includes inpatient, intensive residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, detoxification, and transitional living programs, Odyssey operates facilities and provides affiliated outpatient services in over 35 locations and across nine states with over 600 total beds.

The Odyssey Treatment Networks

Odyssey is built on a family of brands with reputations for clinically excellent and individualized treatment delivered with care and compassion. Our mission of providing the highest quality evidence-based care for as many people as possible on their recovery journeys means that we are literally on a mission to grow and expand our services. Learn more about our networks and our nationally recognized facilities with concierge-quality amenities below.
Odyssey Psychiatric Network-01

Psychiatric Network

Committed to providing comprehensive and individualized psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for adults suffering persistent and severe mental illnesses, our facilities maximize social functioning in the real world to make long-term recovery possible.

Set in resort-style facilities that meet or exceed the highest safety standards, each facility is accredited by one or more reputable organizations showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Odyssey Eating Disorder Network-01

Eating Disorder Network

Our programs are designed to meet each client where they are in their recovery and provide the ideal combination of therapeutic techniques and nutritional programming to empower sustainable freedom.

Tailored to each client, our industry leading network of facilities makes each individual feel safe and comfortable by conducting all levels of care in home-like settings with clear step-down processes, so clients feel continually supported in their recovery journeys.