Odyssey was founded and built on a simple principle:

"We do the right thing.”

Here’s how we’ve continued to define that as we’ve grown.

Our Vision

Change lives by empowering a person’s inherent strengths while partnering with our clients, their families, and clinical providers to optimize their medical, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being and independence.

Treatment Philosophy

To serve clients and their families with compassionate, individualized, high-quality care that we define as evidence-based and individualized clinical services, rendered by fully credentialed professional staff, with exceptional client-focused customer service, rendered in superior treatment facilities.

Client Centered Care

We put client care and the client experience at the heart of our decision making by prioritizing client safety and comfort in every situation. We respect the privacy and dignity of every client in each interaction, empower our clients’ inherent strengths, and offer a superior level of customer service.

Clinical Excellence

We’re committed to providing research-based training and clinical practices, focused on promoting continuous program evaluation and improvement, and providing highly differentiated and specialized behavioral healthcare that focus on presenting problems while also targeting the underlying disorders.

Leading with Our Six Core Values


We have an ownership mentality and take personal responsibility for bringing new solutions forward, admitting when a mistake has been made and proactively solve it. We are good stewards of our time and resources with the goal of helping more clients succeed.


We all have strengths and weaknesses. Collaboration helps us become stronger as a team so sharing information clearly, being open to constructive feedback, and listening to others helps empower us and others to do our best work. The better we collaborate internally, the better we can help our clients, their families, and our clinical partners.


Though we may not be able to do the splits, we embrace change and adapt in ways that promote continuous growth, quality improvement, collaboration, and efficiency. We identify and bring forward creative solutions to overcome obstacles, we are focused on continuously improving ourselves and our organization.


Our founder, Scott Kardenetz, always says that “We do the right thing.” What we say should consistently match what we do, so we act with integrity and consistently, show respect for others and their differences, work to understand others’ perspectives, and demonstrate empathy, dependability, and reliability.


Just saying it doesn’t make it true, so we demonstrate respect for people and their differences by consistently working to understand others’ perspectives, showing empathy, and treating others fairly. These actions create an environment of inclusion, belonging, and encouragement of others.


We are committed to making a difference in the lives of others and building collaborative professional relationships. A willingness to be of service and support to others cultivates trust through care and encouragement. We help each other out and are willing to pitch in where needed to serve our clients.