Odyssey was founded and built on a simple principle:

"We do the right thing.”

Here’s how we’ve continued to define that as we’ve grown.

Our Guiding Principles: The Three Cs

The Three Cs provide the foundation for our Alumni Program.



Our communities to our alumni and their families in a meaningful way.



To serving and guiding our alumni and their families. 



Strong communities that will continue their recovery journeys together.

Alumni Program Components

Support Groups
Change lives by empowering a person’s inherent strengths while partnering with our clients, their families, and clinical providers to optimize their medical, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being and independence.

Discharge Interviews

During each discharge interview, the alumni relations coordinator introduces the program, answers any questions, and collects membership information.

Discharge Group

Beginning three weeks before discharge, the discharge group allows clients to check in, share their experiences, find support, and get educated on the program.

Alumni Support Group

Within this weekly group, alumni can check in, share their experiences, and find support.

Family Support Group

Within this weekly group, families can check in, share their experiences, and find support.

Hear From Our Alumni

Post-discharge Outreach

We know that consistent contact cultivates relationships. After leaving one of our facilities, each alumni receives an initial check-in, as well as ongoing scheduled check-ins. During these check-ins, recovery challenges and the needed resources are identified and addressed so our alumni and their families feel supported.

The Group Me App and Private Facebook Page

The app and private page allow alumni and their families to instantly connect with other program members. Members can post, build friendships, access support groups, track events and milestones, and more. The alumni relations coordinator administers groups and provides support as well as holds all members accountable to each group’s rules.

Volunteer Committee

Our alumni community is run, governed, and supported by our volunteer committee, which works in conjunction with our alumni relations coordinator. The only requirementsfor committee membership include attending the once-a-month meetings and participating in most alumni community events.


We believe in connection through group activities! Recovery is about being a part of life and experiencing new events. The volunteer committee votes on various quarterly events, including reunions, beach trips, bowling, and more.

What Our Alumni and Their Families Are Saying