Pasadena Villa Opens Transitional Living and Learning Center


Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Network of Services



Orlando, FL – September 2018 – Pasadena Villa is pleased to announce the opening of the Transitional Living and Learning Center (TLLC), a social mentoring program focusing on academic and life skills development. The TLLC is designed to assist young adults in reaching their full potential, by offering a safe place to learn and practice new skills for application in the real world.

The program revolves around a complex skills-building curriculum that allows students to work in individual and group sessions. In the curriculum, there is a wide range of important key life domains, such as:

  • Social skills
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Independent living skills (cooking, budgeting, planning, and organizing)
  • Educational and vocational skills
  • Decision making

These evidence-based approaches provide the students the best chance of living fulfilling and productive lives. They will be able to apply what they learn to future living environments. Also, students will nurture their experience by volunteering. Students are not required to be enrolled in school or working before entering the TLLC, however they are encouraged to enroll in school or work if they are not already.

Located in Orlando, Florida, the TLLC is designed to help guide students toward more independent and productive living, while at the same time build coping skills necessary to handle adversity and life stressors that are sure to occur. The goal is to build skills and patterns of successful, healthy living that are transferable to any setting, anywhere.

Kimberly Denis, Program Manager, says, “We are excited to be involved in the lives of these young adults as they develop these skills. In doing so, we hope they experience the freedom and confidence to become self-sufficient and productive in whatever they pursue after leaving the TLLC.”

TLLC students live independently in a TLLC apartment near the center or their local apartment or home. The staff provides personal coaching to assist students in learning how to maintain their living environment.


About the Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Network of Services

The Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Network of Services is one of America’s premier residential psychiatric treatment providers for adults with complex psychiatric disorders. As recognized visionaries in mental health treatment and transitional living services, we offer compassionate, comprehensive, individualized psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care. Using Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration ModelTM, we create a socially active treatment experience by immersing our residents in community activities, assisting them in achieving the highest levels of independent functioning. All Pasadena Villa facilities are proud to be Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accredited.