Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare has focused on employee’s and client’s health and well-being. Much has changed since we began this journey. As new updates and guidance are provided through The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our local public health authorities, we have continued to adjust our operation and adopt these recommendations within our environment of care.

Below is a high-level review of actions that have contributed to
our success in keeping our services safe and available:


Utilize cleaning and protective health equipment


All employees and clients trained on standard precautions and sanitation


Closed campus, limiting visitors

thermometer (1)

Conduct health screenings on employees, clients, and all essential visitors to campus


Changed the admission criteria and procedure to include screening for COVID-19


Isolation spaces available


Comprehensive approach to social distancing on and between campuses


Discontinued interacting within community venues carrying exposure risks

video-call (1)

Moved Family Program to virtual experience


Virtual PHP and IOP programming utilized when needed

mask (1)

Mandatory masking for all employees and clients


Real-time, qualitative PCR based testing on campus for all staff, clients, new admissions and employees

These actions build upon one another to create a web of continued protection. It would not be possible without our staff banding together and committing themselves to helping every current and future client have access to a safe environment for their healing and recovery.

Curbing COVID-19 Community Pledge

Our facilities and headquarters view action on each person’s part as critical to our collective commitment in staying vigilant to keeping everyone within our facilities safe against the spread of COVID-19. Our employees and staff have joined together in taking the following Curbing COVID-19 Community Pledge.

Avoid the Three Cs

Number 01 in light grey on a white background

Crowded places, Close-contact settings, Confined and enclosed spaces.

Crowded Spaces

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I will avoid crowded places and mass gatherings. I will practice physical distancing and masking when meeting in smaller groups.


I will take daily precautions to keep space between myself and others (6 feet of physical distancing, which is about two arm lengths) whenever possible.

Confined and Enclosed Spaces

I will adhere to the guidelines for the use of indoor spaces in alignment with phased occupancy recommendations outlined by the company and state/local officials.


number 03 in light grey on a white background

I will wear a mask around other people and adhere to the guidelines for wearing masks while on campus/in offices and while engaging with the general public outside of regular work hours.

Daily Screening and Testing

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I will monitor my temperature and participate in daily “front door” screening measures prior to entering any OBH campus/office/facility.

I will participate in COVID-19 testing, as requested/provided by the company.

I will willingly and truthfully participate in contact tracing if necessary and/or as requested.

Stay Home

number 05 in light grey on a white background

I will notify my immediate supervisor and stay home if I have COVID-19 related symptoms or know that I have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

I will not come to work if myself or a member of my household are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms.

I will not come to work if I have had a fever within the prior 72 hours regardless of whether such fever is controlled with medication.

Hand Hygiene

number 06 in light grey on a white background

I will practice proper and frequent hand washing/sanitizing.


number 07 in light grey on a white background

I will comply with the non-essential travel limitations and notify leadership prior to travel.

Avoid Bias Based Discrimination

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During this time of great uncertainty based on the COVID-19 Pandemic, I will treat my peers, clients, and staff with the respect every human being deserves.

Provide Support

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Recognizing that this is an unprecedented time, I will employ patience and understanding. I will make efforts to be part of the solution.

Practicing Daily Self-Care

number 10 in light grey on a white background

To the best of my ability, I will support my overall wellness.